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  • How to use GoodThreads to fundraiseraise for nonprofits through custom shirts.
  • With GoodThreads, nonprofit supporters can customize their shirts and raise money.
  • With GoodThreads, nonprofit supporters can customize their shirts and raise money.
  • GoodThreads helps bring awareness to nonprofits.
  • GoodThreads enables teams to create unity and fundraise for their nonprofit.
GoodThreads allows nonprofit supporters to customize merchandise with their personal stories, while raising money and awareness for causes they care about.

The Solution That Makes It All Happen

GoodThreads is a fully integrated solution that was designed to work with all existing fundraising platforms, automatically updating accounting processes, databases, and goal trackers/thermometers. The tool was built for nonprofits, giving them full control over branding and the ability to have supporters tell their stories through custom gear. Check out the tool.

A Unique Conversion Tool

A personal connection with donors will deepen engagement and enhance affinity to an organization. And, identifying those who tell their stories through branded merchandise creates a segment to target for conversion campaigns. To find out more about how custom merchandise can convert event participants into brand advocates and donors check out the GoodThreads/Event 360 White Paper.

Stories to Inspire Awareness

Helping people tell their stories and raise money and awareness for the causes that matter to them is what GoodThreads is about. The stories told through the GoodThreads tool are inspiring. They help bring attention to important causes. Click here to be inspired.

The Shirt That Started It All

It all has to start somewhere. It’s fitting that GoodThreads started with one shirt, one story. CEO Brandon Hance’s mom made a shirt in honor of her Aunt Carol, and now the rest is history.  Click here to read more about the shirt that started a movement.